Associate Dean

Su-Houn, Liu

Acdemic Degrees

Ph.D., Information Management, National Chung-Chi, Taiwan


Office: Management Building 418
Research office: Information Management Buildig 305D



Office #5030
Research office #5406


Digital Service​

Systemes Development and Management

Systems of Patent Management

Enterprise Resource Planning



  • Assistant Professor of Information Management Department, Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Associate Professor of Information Management Department, Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Chair of Information Management Department, Chung Yuan Christian University


  • Big Data Theory and Application
  • Special Topics in Business Ethics
  • Introduction to ERP System
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Case Study
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Software Project Management
  • Management Information Systems (1)(2)

Word from the Associate Dean:

Accredited by AACSB accreditation in 2015, College of Business has become the twelfth accredited business college in Taiwan. The accreditation not only shows the honor of our college but also raises the reputation of CYCU. In the aspects of service learning, student internship, and student employment program, College of Business also received a lot of compliments. We maintain well collaboration relationship with some industries and prepare professional and practical abilities for students as well. As for innovative teaching, course reformation, and distant learning, we play the leading role to optimize every teaching resource and make our students gain better learning environment. Therefore, we look forward to seeing ourselves have more interactions and communications on international communication, industry linking and innovative teaching to cultivate management talents that our country needs.

As for international exchange, COB provides “Chung Yuan Christian University and Temple University Undergraduate Dual Degree Program in Business Administration “, “International Undergraduate Program in Business and Management (IUBA)”, and “International Master Program of Business Management (IMBA)”. At the same time, CYCU encourages students to attend exchange programs or internship in Europe.

We hope to see more COB students go to European countries for exchange programs to prosper the internalization of College of Business. As the connection of industry and academy, we also have impressive performance on Industry-University cooperation and talent cultivation. We are selected as the best Business-favorite school for two years based on the famous human resource platform-1111 in Taiwan. In the future, we hope to have better result in Industry-University cooperation and talent cultivation. In the aspect of Innovative teaching, we put emphasis on student-centered learning model to develop the key abilities that students would need in the future.


學歷 日本 早稻田大學 商學 博士
經歷 私立中原大學 商業設計學系 辦事員
私立中原大學 國際貿易學系 助教
私立中原大學 國際貿易學系 副教授
私立中原大學 國際貿易學系 系主任
私立中原大學 國際貿易學系 教授
中原大學 圖書館 圖書館館長
中原大學 國際經營與貿易學系 教授
中原大學 秘書室公共事務中心 主任
中原大學 秘書室發展建設中心 主任
中原大學 教務處 副教務長
中原大學 商學博士學位學程 教授
中原大學 商學博士學位學程 主任
中原大學 商學院 院長
研究領域 國際企業、國際行銷、全球運籌、環境管理
開設課程 商管專題研討(一)
著作 個人研究成果查詢
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辦公室 管理大樓418室 分機 5000
研究室 管理大樓529室 分機 5122