AACSB Mentor Dr. Peter Lindstrom Visit CYCU Business College

Dr. Peter Lindstrom, the Executive Director of Quality Development Office from University of St. Gallen of Switzerland was recommended by the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB) to be the Accreditation Mentor for CYCU Business College. Dr. Lindstrom visited the College on January 9 and 10, 2012 to understand the college conditions, operation mechanism, environment, and the preparation and progress of accreditation.

The first day of visit was called by Dean Lin, Shih-Mo. President Cheng, Wan-Lee gave the opening remarks and represented the CYCU to welcome whole-heartily the visit of mentor. President Cheng stressed there are seven universities to receive AACSB accreditation so acquiring the AACSB accreditation has become one of the most important work items of the Business College. Then, dean Lin briefed the current condition of Business College and through 21 indicators to understand the AACSB preparation progress of the college so Dr. Lindstrom understands the faculty research, teaching, students’ learning quality, and staff input are all linked to the mission of Business College. In the afternoon, the mentor met with faculty and students. Through discussions with faculty and students, the mentor gets to know more about the college conditions directly. The next day morning, Dr. Lindstrom provided valuable comments based on yesterday’s briefing and the result of discussion. Dr. Lindstrom gave positive acknowledgement of the Assurance of Learning (AOL) in the Business College. The college also actively engaged in opinion exchanges with the mentor and the discussion was very fruitful.
During the two days visit, Dr. Lindstrom fully received our warm reception and strongly felt the hard efforts and determination of the Business College toward AACSB accreditation. Through this visit and clarification of concepts, the college could learn the fundamental issues which provides the reference for continuing improvement. Through non-stop progress and the determination to receive the accreditation, we believe the accreditation will be achieved in the near future.