The COB of CYCU successfully hosted the 26th International Conference of Pacific Rim Management.

The College of Business (COB), Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) successfully hosted the 26th International Conference of Pacific Rim Management (ICPRM) last June 16 – 18, 2016. On the first day June 16th, the conference conducted the board meeting of the Association for Chinese Management Educators (ACME), which focused on the long-term plans of the organization in further extending the collaboration with academic institutions, particularly in the Pacific Rim. The board meeting was followed by the conference banquet, which invited early participants to meet and greet fellow attendees. The second day June 17th, began with the conference program in the morning with the opening remarks coming from the CYCU President, Dr. Samuel K.C. Chang, and ACME President, Dr. Jianyu Ma. The opening program highlighted the speeches of a) Prof. Edward J. Shyurng with the topic entitled “Creating 21st century talents: Perspectives on transforming Higher Education; and b) Prof. Edward H. Chow with the topic entitled “Teaching culture and Education Quality in Taiwan”. The speeches followed the awarding of the best paper awards. In the afternoon session, conference sessions were divided into eight academic areas of: • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance; • Chinese Management and Organizational Behavior; • Finance and Accounting; • Information Management; • Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations; • Production and Operations Management; and • Corporate Finance. The afternoon session also featured two invited special lectures. The first one was about “Future business growth strategy – Low carbon and sustainability” conducted by Dr. Niven Huang, a General Manager of KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., Ltd. The second one was regarding “Accounting and auditing for sustainability – An update” delivered by Dr. Otto Chang, incoming ACME President, and Accounting Professor at the Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne. The third day June 18th, the morning conference sessions were divided into six academic areas of: • Marketing and Consumer Behavior; • Entrepreneurship and Multiple Criteria Decision-making; • Economics; • Supply Chain Management and E-commerce; and • Investing and Trading. The 26th ICPRM 2016 offered a comprehensive understanding of management issues that created an avenue to rethink existing innovation and economic development models in various areas of business to make future efforts more effective and sustainable. The international conference was a success leading to a number of fundamental and technical conclusions with regards to management issues in the Pacific Rim. The conference also created new and stronger academic ties among the participants in their respective academic fields.