Cooperation Arrangement in Running Schools among CYCU College of Business, AIS, and HIU.

On September 22, Dean Alex Liu of Business College, along with Executive Director John Wood and his wife visited Heilongjiang International University and signed Cooperation Agreement in Running Schools. They were received by President Liu Ying and top leaders from Heilongjiang International University. After discussing the detailed items in the cooperation arrangement, they signed the Intent of Cooperation in the morning session. In the afternoon, around 200 students joined the information session to listen the cooperation arrangement. The programs include cooperation on both undergraduate and graduate levels. For undergraduate program, it is 2+1+1 arrangement with 2 years study at HIU, 1 year at CYCU, and 1 year at AIS, in the end both HIU and AIS offer bachelor degree. For graduate program, it is 4+1.5 arrangement with 4 years study at HIS and 1.5 years at AIS for HIU undergraduate degree and AIS master degree.