Philippine Human Rights Expert visits Chung Yuan Christian University

Prof. Nymia Simbulan, a Philippine Human Rights expert visited CYCU on November 30, 2017. Through an invitation of Assoc. Prof. Di Jiang of the Department of Finance and Department of Accounting, Prof. Simbulan gave a lecture on Human Violations in relation to the War on Drugs program initiated by the current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The anti-drug policy has already claimed thousands of life since its inception on July 2016. The policy has been criticized both locally and internationally for the number of deaths resulting from police operations, and alleged killings without fair trial. According to police reports, 3,900 deaths were legal operations and that all of those who died fought against the police force. However, according to both local and foreign investigation groups that more than 14,000 people have been killed in the drug war from inception This activity aims to create awareness on the dark side of the Philippine government’s policy to eradicate drugs in the country through a program known as the War on Drugs. Students who attended the event were made aware of the realities that the Filipino urban poor are the ones experiencing the brunt of the policy and lawlessness of the War on Drugs policy. It is also highlighted that the call for a stronger recognition of Human Rights in the Philippines has slowly getting its tracks, and receiving attention from both local and international media. An unexpected outcome of the lecture talk was the future collaboration of the Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) and University of the Philippines, Manila (UPM). Prof. Simbulan, in her official capacity in UPM, is a Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs (equivalent to Vice-President). She met the Associate Dean of the Office of International Affairs and Cross-strait Education, Prof. Ta-Chin Wei, and discussed the possible visit of CYCU professors in January 2018, which may lead to research and student exchange in the future.