Introducing New Logo

About the new College of Business logo

Adding new vision to the college’s existing spirit and ideal

Accompanying changes in the overall environment, developments in identity design and trend, advance in printing technology, etc., we need to re-create a new visual image that meets the visual and brand image of the College of Business. For those reasons, we designated the Department of Commercial Design to design the new logo. After months of discussions, drafting design, and revisions, a new logo was elected by the entire college faculty and passed by the college administrative meeting. Finally, on October 28, 2010, we completed the logo for our College of Business and then enhancing the whole visual brand image.

In respect of new brand image for the college, we expect it can let teachers, students, and other viewers feel vigor, progress, professionalism, and brand-new perception and identification. The new image also reflects our international perspective. And this new logo illustrates the continuation of the college’s traditional spirit. Therefore, we did a few revisions based on the old design. The design concept for the new college logo originated from the original design that included the original meanings of “Faith, Hope, Love” and “Fairness, Justice, Righteousness.” In order to incorporate the new meaning and vision of the college, we added “mapping out strategy composedly and pursuing excellence.” In the new design, we came up a round logo to express the professionalism in the academic field. As for the image inside, we kept the 3-line banner style in connection with the existing spirit. Moreover, we added an ancient monetary element (“bu”) to underscore the image of “commerce”. Besides, we added a world map in the background as well as made the original 3-line banner more curved. The design looks like a palm grasping the pulse of the world, which implies making progress and echoes the college’s new spirit “mapping out strategy composedly and pursuing excellence”. As for the color, we also kept the original blue, but making it more brisk and more vigorous. The adaptation of blue color reflects the continuation of tradition and signifies thoughtfulness and grasping situation calmly.

By incorporating the new design, we attempt to depict the view and concept of the college toward the contemporary world environment and business education. Furthermore, by merging this vision with the spirit, we hope to concentrate the strength of all faculty and students to enhance the college’s competitiveness in response to the market’s development!

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